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Planning and Design

Planning and Design


We offer a full and complete plan, with an engineering designs that ensure all possible local circumstances are considered under a close cooperation with our specialist construction team, providing a fast and smooth scope on site.


Our technology conforms to a standardized solution system. Never the less, we have to take specific local requirements into account that
are tailored to save the costs and ensure full functionality all year round. A detailed feasibility study will be drawn up by our professional team, which analyses the profitability and financial liquidity of your Waste Project. Each project is site-specific, thus demanding on individual approaches. However, our components have been optimized and tested in a proven concept that has a 25-year track record and 90 turnkey MSW plants. Our solution will consider your long-term needs and be flexible for future expansion plans. We are able to offer competitive solutions at every stage of your plant’s development, because we adhere to a strategy of low cost investment against operational hours and running costs. Our solid CAD planning is the foundation of ensuring fast and smooth construction deadlines.

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