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MSW: Municipal Solid Waste, which consists of everyday items that are discarded by the public. Chinese MSW has compared to EU waste the double organic content about 55% (from food). The organic binds the most water 50-60% which is as well double than EU waste. Therefore it is smarter to separate the high organic from the other waste and efficient recover the energy by composting or fermentation technologies. In the following please find our complete solutions or specific equipment.


1.Bunker Conveyor belt

Convey materials from waste bunker to waste treatment equipment


2.Bag Opener

This bag opener opens waste bags used for waste collection. Often this equipment will effective rip bags open and spread out the waste on a following conveyor belt. Thus waste is prepared for a first sorting line.


Protection of following expensive equipment

Reduce wear & tear of the downstream sorting

Recovery of big reusable impurities

Different capacities available


3.Bulk Waste Crusher<300-200mm

This heavy waste crusher is used for 1st cut of all the mixed bulk waste into a smaller size, for example<400mm. We offer this machine depending on your project requirement using local or foreign crusher manufacturer to match your waste and throughput. Finding the right one from a lot of different concepts is our expertise.


Equipment with solid experience in waste cutting,

Reliable operation with least maintenance,

Special knife sets with harden steel and shape,

High efficiency of throughput by unique operation system,

Lowest possible energy consumption




4.Wet Waste Sorting

This special waste screen separates mixed waste (MSW/SSO) into two fractions. One is a light fraction (Plastic Paper, Clothes etc.) and the other heavy fraction (Organics, Stones, Shells, Glass, etc.). On special requests a third fraction could be simultaneously sorted, using a lower second deck of smaller heavy particles.


Best sorting results by higher physical impact to Chinese wet and sticky waste.

Low space occupation, due to a compact design.

Open large screen surface with few and easy maintenance


5.Flip-Flop Screen
These screens are the optimal solution for difficult separation of smaller materials. Where conventional screening machines become blocked or struck, these screens provide excellent separation results by high forces of the gravity. Working well at high feed rates, even with small mesh sizes.


Difficult to break-up materials separation

Efficient screening in the central area

Intensive near-size screening in the discharge area

Low dynamic loads and Low weight

6.Ballistic Remover

This ballistic remover is the global market leader, he is been used for waste sorting in many purpose and countries. Its special frame and elements, using different ballistic weight of materials and shape to separate 3 different material:

1.Downward rolling 3D materials (rolling material like bottles glass and plastic, stones, tins),

2. Upward flat 2D materials (like plastic foils, paper, textiles)

3. Middle fines materials (like organic, stones, sand) material. Advantage:


7.Wind Shifter

It is used to segregate mostly plastics foils (2D) and solid parts (3D) streams. Wind blower are used to blow air against the falling material stream, then the 2D light parts will fly up over a splitter and following separated from the air stream. The 3D heavier parts fall below the splitter, through the air stream and onto the conveyor below.


Reduce wearing by air separation increase the lifetime.

Greater flexibility than mechanical separation systems

Dust emissions will be kept inside and separated.


8.FE Overband Magnet Separator

Over band magnets are common equipment in all waste sorting lines. The magnet separator is hanging over the running conveyor belts to lift out magnetic metals. The high value of recycled metals even at low contend in China recovers the investment quickly and can contribute to the return of a waste plant.


Ferros metals are well recyclable with a high value.

Protecting following equipment from damage.

Permanently high magnetic field which lose little force after long time of operation. References in Zibo, Shandong, China in operation.


9.NFE Eddy Current Separator

This equipment separates non magnetic ferrous metal parts from bulk waste like aluminium. The waste is accelerated on a fast moving conveyor belt towards the end a splitter, separates higher specific weights. Light materials with less weight fall down short before the splitter, non ferrous heavier materials falls more far over the splitter. In addition a rotating magnetic roll creates an extremely strong pulsating magnetic field and the high rotational speed guarantee superior separation results even for fines and inseparable particles. References in Zibo, Shandong, China in operation.


excellent separation results

deep, strong pulsating magnetic field

centric (for high feed rates) or excentric system (for fines) available

design of magnetic rotor optimized to the application

high reliability

emptying of conveying belt ensured by generating power with the magnetic rotor

low maintenance

Variable high speed adjustment allow best results

A sealed structure protects the bearings from foreign matters and extends the live time.

Strong magnetic rotor and separates even small substance

10.Optical Sorting NIR

Our Near Infrared Detector is a high sophisticated equipment which through spectrum infrared can detect different kind of plastic materials or even sort different colors. With the two purposes to remove specific hazardous materials like PVC or to recycle valuable plastics, depending on the resin resellers market. The typical first step is to separate PVC due to his high chlorine contend and major pollutant. Which creates a cleaner Co² neutral and renewable energy source replacing lignite fossil coal called (RDF/SRF). The second step is to recycle PE or PET up to 25 different recycled materials which can preserve our limited resources.


No harm to health

High penetration capability

Irrelevant of the surface whether contaminated.