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MSW III – MBS (Mechanical Biological Sorting)

MSW III – MBS (Mechanical Biological Sorting)


The waste stream is dried biologically (under use of the self heating) before/after the mechanical processing and reduced by the organic components. The approach of sorting the waste before incineration, in order to recover recyclable materials and separate contaminant, and also to make energy generation from waste more efficient and clean, it’s new in China with huge potential.


1.Bag opener opens the waste bags and spreads out the waste for the following sorting conveyor belt.

2.Manual sorting is flexible to react to any disturbing or hazardous material discovered in MSW and can remove bigger valuables and minerals.

3.Special flat sieve can get better results separating wet Chinese waste into big + light overflow and organic wet + heavy under flow.

4.Magnetic belt separates ferrous metals out.

5. Eddy current machines can separate non ferrous particles

6.Wind shifter can effective separate from big light overflow 2D plastic foils from 3D plastic. 

7.Bio-Drying use free bacteria plus aeration to naturally steam out water to 80% solids. New separate household kitchen waste could be composted to organic fertilizer.

8.Our Ballistic separator is a global leader who can separate waste into 3 different parts. A) Underflow small heavy mostly mineral particles, B) 2D plastic foils, C) 3D plastics

9.NIR near infrared can detect specific plastic like PVC and remove it. Because PVC is most hazardous for burners. But also valuables like PE/PS/PP/ABS can be removed for clean reuse and recycling.   


1.The unburnable high organic content in Chinese MSW or SSO contains lots of water (55%-65%) we can steam out by aerobic composting and recycle 55%-72% organic to be used to replace coal or if clean enough to flower fertilizer. 

2.Composting energy can harmless treat the largest volume of waste water (55%-72%).

3.This solution can convert the light waste into green coal (RDF/SRF) 2500 Kcal = fossil coal useful for the high energy industry (Steel, Cement, Aluminum). 

4.Flexible waste solution for the fast city development in China, prepared for mining more limited global resources.

5.Our MBS technology is very space efficient engineered to save China’s limited space and high value ground.

6.No toxic air pollution, No smell pollution, No hazardous fly ash.

7. We provide revolutionary 200% rise of energy recovery per ton MSW which is all renewable. Thus city waste can deliver 10% of China’s prime energy.

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