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MSW II – MBT (Mechanical Biological Treatment)

MSW II – MBT (Mechanical Biological Treatment)


The "MBT" plant includes:


1.Bag Opener tears up waste bags and spreads them onto the belt.

2.Big waste can be recycled and inert will be sorted out and protect the succeeding equipment.

3.Magnetic belt separates ferrous metals out.

4.Metals are separated out from Megnetics.

5.Special flat sieve can get better results separating wet Chinese waste into big + light overflow and organic wet + heavy under flow.

6.Underflow feed into dry digestion producing about 100-150³/t biogas

7.We can remove Co² from the CH4 in the biogas and gain valuable renewable energy

8.The fermented parts are separated into solids and liquids. Solids go to biological drying.

9.Bio-Drying use free bacteria plus aeration to naturally steam out water to 80% solids. New separate household kitchen waste could be composted to organic fertilizer.

10.The complete plant is smell free to the outside. Inside smelly air will be used for aeration then by cleaned by biofilters.                                            

11.The dried material will be sieved to remove remaining stones and heavy particles.  Then cut to smaller particle size to be useful for most oven as renewable “Green Coal” with the same burning value like fossil coal. 


1."Urban Mining" starts with the separation the big waste streams into at least few reusable fractions:

1.Water, 2. RDF, 3. Biogas, 4. Metals, 5. Inerts.

2.The recovered biogas to operate the waste collection trucks with clean CO2 neutral fuel.

3.This solution can convert the light waste into green coal (RDF/SRF) 2500 Kcal = fossil coal useful for the high energy industry (Steel, Cement, Aluminum).

4.Flexible waste solution for the fast city development in China, prepared for mining more limited global resources.

5.Our MBT technology is very space efficient engineered to save China’s limited space and high value ground.

6.No toxic air pollution, No smell pollution, No hazardous fly ash.

7. We provide revolutionary 200% rise of energy recovery per ton MSW which is all renewable. Thus city waste can deliver 10% of China’s prime energy.

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