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MSW I – Pretreatment to Incineration

MSW I – Pretreatment to Incineration


Our solution can be added to an existing incineration plants with a lot of advantages to the total waste treatment process.


1.Specific particles are crushed out.

2.Waste from over sieve goes to bulker, and waste downward will go into digester

3.Biogas goes out from Digester, and there is no sediment.

4.Biogas can be upgraded, CH4 loss can be less than 1%.

5.By separation, liquid digestate after fermentation can be treated by waste water treatment plant, and solid digestate can be composted

6.Liquid digestate and leachate should be treated to meet national standards

7.Solid residue separated is mixed with the previous waste in the bulker, the content of which will be up to 60%. This RDF is good for burning as a fuel. Compared with raw waste, it contains more heating value and burns clean.


1.Our good waste crushing into specific particle size, is the precondition to enable good following separation results.  

2.Special flat sieve can get better results separating wet Chinese waste into big + light overflow and organic wet + heavy under flow

3.We separate MSW´s unburnable water mostly hold by the high organic content (55%-62%). As well disturbing batteries, stones, glass and value metals.

4.The recovered biogas to operate the waste collection trucks with clean CO2 neutral fuel.

5.This adding waste sorting line to existing incineration increases the low (~1200 kcal) burning value to the exact max. optimum heating value of the individual typical grate fired incinerator (~68% solids).

6.We can double the incinerator capacity, as we remove 50% from the incoming waste volume.

7.80% of burning ash and solid residue is reduced, which improves the maintenance and operation of the grate fired oven.

8.Revolutionary 200% rise of energy recovery for each ton of waste which is all renewable, the same time processing Chinese waste more harmless.

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