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HOW? …we can best recover energy from agriculture waste?


Biogas has 30 years history in China in smaller scale providing the farmers some energy from their direct waste. Since 2009 German Bio Energy technology (GBE) experts visited over 150 different farms from the very south in Guangxi, through most provinces to the very north of Heilongjiang.

We well understand the difference in China and are confident we can contribute with German technology, the best reliable working solution. We only provide solutions for very large scale farms like 5000 cows or 50000 pig places, >50t/d biomass. We also involve in the farm management in order to integrate the biogas plant in a circular economic way.



Most common misunderstandings:


  1. Biogas is a valuable renewable energy recovered from all kind of organic wastes, but biogas is not a waste treatment.

  2. IF you cannot apply the digested residues as organic fertilizer to the surrounding agriculture area, in the right quality per mµ, the investment recovery from biogas production is in most cases impossible.

  3. The climate in all northern provinces of China and the fact that sufficient energy is available biogas production cannot deliver sufficient added value to the region.

  4. If only straw waste is available, biogas fermentation is compared to other technologies, like biowaste to liquid (BTL) or gasification inefficient.


Never the less biogas has a huge potential in the renewable energy mix in China. With the right policy biogas plants can deliver a very stable energy. At the same time biogas can improve the health of agriculture products and increasing the value for the individual farmers. Biogas is a multi talent can be utilized to electricity, car fuel, heat and cooling energy.

German Bio Energy Technology (GBE) successfully realized 4 EPC (“turnkey”) constructions in China since 10 years who are setting the benchmark of biogas production plants in terms of investment, reliability and productivity. Our solutions are based on over 850 reference plants in other many other countries which has been continuously optimized over the last 20 years.



What we offer?

GBE only focus on CSTR “complete stir tank reactor” which have the wide range of best application for agriculture waste to energy. Our CSTR are “DryAD” high solid dry anerobic digestion systems which can handle a wide range of 6%-25% solids.


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